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“Stones with Love” from around the world

A few months ago I started a project. The intention is to collect from every country in the world a little stone.  I am on an amazing journey and touched by the reactions I receive while explaining this project.  It seems that most of us have stones at our home that we pick up when we are somewhere in the world.  The collection is currently growing slowly with stones brought or sent to me from all over the world. People are more then willing to help when I explain the intention and the reasoning behind the project. Let me explain the simple reasoning behind this project.

First of all I believe that a stone is carrying the energy of the country where it comes from. Even when brought to another place, sometimes to the other end of the world, the stone will still carry the energy of the place of origin.  A stone from Afghanistan will carry the energy from Afghanistan wherever the stone is, a stone from Kuai will carry the energy of Kuai wherever the stone is….

Secondly I believe in the power of prayer and in the power of meditation. If we put our minds to it there is nothing we cannot accomplish.  We have an unlimited field of energy at our disposal if we are daring to use it.  I believe that we can put our minds to create the patterns of peace, joy, harmony and love.  The impact of prayer and meditation has been shown in various studies.

So why not combine these two elements. What if there is somewhere in the world a collection of stones from every country in the world that can be a focal point for meditation and prayer? The stones being the bones of mother earth and our spiritual forces a gift of our Father in Heaven……

It feels to me like a celebration of our Oneness, hidden within our deep layers of consciousness.  I perceive the collection of stones as a symbol of this Oneness. Let me be clear by stating that I do no want us to be all the same. I love the diversity in the world. I am fascinated by the various religions, cultures and values we know on our planet. I try to understand our differences and try to refrain from judging.  It is amazing what we have created as humans.

I am not blind and I see much suffering in the world. It can feel really silly to ask someone to bring a stone from a country that is in the middle of a war. And yet I am a firm believer of the Butterfly effect. Even a small gesture does have an effect on the world.  I believe that this project will increase the harmony within our world.  I expect the stones to vibrate with love when we humans want them to vibrate with love. We have so much creative power within us.  But let me bring some humbleness into this worldwide project :I realize that I do not know the truth therefor I pray that my wish be His wish and my dream be His dream. But my intuition is telling me that my dream is His and that of mother earth.

So based on these assumptions I am in the process of asking my friends, family members, neighbors and strangers from everywhere: do you have a little stone from somewhere around the world?  I noticed that the stones that want to be part of this collection will manifest themselves.  Some dear friends were willing to part with stones they had collected over the last years. Other stones are brought or sent to me. All the stones have one thing in common: they are spirited and have so much more life force in them that I ever thought was possible.


Let me finish with a quote of Carl Jung:

Many people cannot refrain from picking up stones of a slightly unusual color or shape and keeping them, …. without knowing why they do. It is as if the stone held a mystery in it that fascinates them. 

Men have collected stones since the beginning of time and have apparently assumed that certain ones were the containers of the spirit of the life-force with all its mystery

Man and his Symbols
Carl Jung


What does this project to me?


My close friends and family reacted quiet surprised when I told them about this project.  I have to confess that I was never so positive about the healing powers of crystals and stones.  As Reiki master I preferred to emphasize the healing powers from within and perceived the crystals and stones as a weakening of the own ability for healing.

So what happened to change my almost adversity into the drive to collect the stones from around the world?

Two little stones changed my opinion. One came from Turkey and another one from Maui, Hawaii. Both turned out to be very powerful and showed me many things.  I had to change my mindset and started to appreciate the energy that is hidden in stones or crystals.   As a friend explained to me: stones are the bones of mother earth, now I can feel this.

At this moment I am at the start of this project. The project is teaching me so many things.   I need trust, faith, patience, and perseverance.  I have to keep the balance between building and just being.  I am learning to rely on others where my character leans more towards wanting to be self-relying.  I have to be patient while explaining this project and have to find ways to reach people from all over the world.  I have to keep my ego under control but I really need my ego to make this happen.  This project is in short an exercise to balance the yin and yang within me. But because I feel and know that this collection of stones will bring something special to mother earth I will find ways and the energy to make this happen.   I can feel the support of the spirit in the loving and sometimes correcting way.

 I hope that you will think of this project and that you will pick up a stone that can be part of this project somewhere around this globe.

Thank you, Jolande




  • Jill Tini

    Hi Jolande,

    If a beautiful stone has not yet found you from the land of New Zealand, then I would be most happy to allow a stone to choose itself for your inspiration.

    I too value stones, more so the humble stone/rock, although I still share the energy of some awesome crystals. It is the stones that jump out to me that I treasure the most.

    Everywhere we go, my children and I always are blessed with stones to bring home. Sometimes these stay a while, other times only a short time. Either way I know we are blessed by each and every one of them that arrive in our home.

    Stones have many great wisdoms to share, they help distill fear, headaches, anxiety, nerves. They ground energy and as you say bring about beautiful one-ness and healing.

    Thankyou for sharing your wonderful insights and journey with our amazing stones.

    Turou mo nga whetu
    Reach for the stars


    • jolande de grijs

      Dear Jill,

      I would be so happy if you would be the one picking up the stone from New Zealand that wants to be part of this collection.
      What touches me is that you immediately understand that the stone will let you know if it is the one. It is one of the valuable lessons I am learning about stones. And there is still so much more to learn!

      Yes, please sent me the stone from your beautiful part of this world!

      Love Jolande

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