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Switching from Selfish to Self-care

Switching from selfish to self-care, how complicated is that? While writing this, you know that we are living in a strange time. We have to stay inside to make sure we don’t get sick, or we stay inside to make sure others don’t get sick. Having time to be inside and to reflect with all the time and stillness that is around me, one thing keeps popping up for me.

How can we serve? Where can we help? Not all of us are doctors of healthcare personnel. Still, the powerless feeling of not being able to help a hand in a simple but powerful way is pondering in my mind always. It comes up every day for me and for you reading this, the same thing probably has come up for you too.

I like to take action and preferably action in a way that helps me move forward. Learning a lot from other coaches and activating my intuition, my action is, most of the time, inspiration driven. Or what a lot of people around me would say, it doesn’t always make a lot of sense. Most of the time, this inspiration hit me while doing my pilates, walking my dog, or even during household jobs. I know by now not to ignore these little nudges of wisdom, as they have made my life into the life it is today.

So being told to stay at home felt to me almost as if I wasn’t able to follow up on my nudges. In the beginning, I thought, this is so much bigger than me. So wait. My inspiration started to change as well, and it made me wonder. I felt guided to do a 30-day detox; it was true that I had this on my to-do list. Finding the time to get through the first week of a detox was complicated. There as always something that had to be done first. At this moment, the schedule is completely free. Now is a good time! There is time to have a nap if necessary, and there was time to retreat.

I got my supplies to get started and even got my hubby interested in joining in. It is good to have some else to keep you accountable during these detox days. In full discloser, there are specific topics that keep you very busy that you might not feel comfortable talking about with friends or family members that are not part of the detox program. You readers who have gone your detox program know what I am talking about here.

The first week of the detox was all about me and the detox program. Seriously, I felt very selfish. Together we prepared our food and the food for the kids; the time in the day seemed to be slipping away. Yes, I would work and have a great time doing it. We were able to keep it all going, but there was not a lot me energy left for other activities. After the first week was finished, and there was more energy to share, the wonder about how can I be of serve came back.

Today while walking my dog, it came to me that taking care of myself is the way I can be of service. Selfcare is just what we need! Taking care of our body, mind, and our soul is how we can help our community. Remember when we take a flight to our holiday destination or when we have to travel for work. Every trip starts with explaining what we need to do in case of an emergency. The main message is that we have to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others.

We talk a lot about self-care how important it is, why we need it so much. But right now, at this moment, this is your part. You can be part of the solutions, and you can do your part in this journey. We must stop that little voice that tells us that we are selfish. As that has been the biggest roadblock for self-care and we start to fill in the blank for what you can do to take care of you. Being a coach for the last ten years, I have met that little gremlins in many sessions of my clients. We are telling all kind of tails that stops us from moving forward. Right now, all our kindness needs to be focus on ourselves and our community. You can start today by listening to your intuition and what it is telling you.

What is your favourite self care tool at the moment? Please in the comment below or send me an email.

If you like to know more about the products I have used, follow this link, and this link is for the nitty-gritty about the 30-day detox program, Just in case you like more about my story, send me an email on info@reneevosdewael.com I love to help you set your self-care journey.


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