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Taking a required R & R

While I’m sitting here, I have to conclude that there is little petrol left in the city, electricity is coming and going and no internet. So we are home and to be honest it is really nice. At the same time it is school holiday’s here in our neck of the world. As we had decided not to travel in this week, there is no need to go any where. We can catch up with friends here, but I have notice that we’re all kind of recharging at the moment. It is very quiet around us and we all will come out again when our battery is recharged. The connections are back on track. Perfect way to relax and rejuvenate.


Intuitive Coaching

Moving to Africa has been one with the most challenges for me. The not be able to drive myself, living in a compound and moving around in a small community of expats has been life changing. Meeting people who show you different way’s of looking at the world. Other people have challenged me as a person and others how have become wonderful and trusted friends.  There is a safe haven here and it is wonderful to go there and retreat. Who would have thought that this would be all that when we moved here. I definably didn’t. It has brought us has as a family really close, we have family dinners almost every evening. Every year there have been here, some kind of lock down. Because of a strike, election and we had to stay indoor. It gave us the opportunity to realize that it is not normal to have all that we think is our right to have. Here I’m talking about the simple practical things as fresh water, electricity, to go out and buy food, but also to be safe. You would think what a hardship and yes in a way that is true, but it has given me an opportunity to have a good look inside of me. What is truly important to me.


My view of looking at freedom is completely different. The freedom is in me and not into anything else. The fact is that I can travel any where I like right now, at this moment. Listening to my breath and taking me on adventures that are beautiful. If there is a lot of time, I travel to see my friends or just wander on a beautiful beach. It is not always necessary to leave this place, I can also make the decision to just look at side the window and look at what is happening in the street. Freedom is in my heart and it is up to me to really see it. To make the decision not to get side tracked by things that we “need” and are just not available at the moment. It is up to me to enjoy that what is right in front of me. The appreciation for the beauty in and around me is not easy and sometime it is just lost. This has nothing to do with where I am at that moment, I realized. It is a restless within me. To be in search for something that is just not there. To get back to a place where it all is calm again and to stop swimming against the stream and just to go with the flow of that day.

Sitting here at this moment I know all is well and it always will be.



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