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Taking Charge of your own goals!

In these times we are always busy. It can be very distracting to us. How often do look back at the end of the day and wonder what has happen to the things you actually planned to do. Very often the day went completely different.  That is okay, but it is important to take your time and make sure that you are still in charge of your own goals.  Are they still your goals? Can you feel a connection with these goals?  Because otherwise it is time to make changes and take your control back to the activity’s of the day.

Love Renee

Ps: As always I look forward hearing about your thoughts and experiences. I’ll be giving away a full reading (worth $125) with me to one person who leaves me messages on my site!


  • Diana Gritzalis

    Nice to be connected to you on facebook! I always tell my clients we should focus on ourselves
    moving forward let go of the past. Our thought is that of our guides. I would love a reading by you. Always, Di

  • Neil

    hi Renee, this really speaks to me as I am so often (as you know) influenced by what is going on around and forget the focus of my own mission… great to hear your voice again and missing our one one one sessions ;o)

    all the best. Neil

  • Jessica

    Hi Renee,

    Yes! I feel the theme of this week strongly! Sticking with practical dreams to realize my dreams has been a “heavy” challenge thats taken all willpower to ground into and fuse physical matter with the etherial. It’s so slow on Earth!!! : )
    I found you in a search for Akashic Records, and felt connected and signed up for your newsletters. Enjoying your gentle approach to life and knowlege. Thank you and keep it up!

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Very happy to hear that it all makes sense to you. Earth is slow, but it gives us an opportunity to look around and enjoy the view. Thank you for your kind words, when you ready you can always connect with me.

  • Sandie

    I’ve always put others before me and this has been long coming. I have always felt different and know I had a mission or something I needed to do on this earth. I became involved in Reiki and have found a part of me. But whats the other part? I seem to be lost at this point and can’t seem to know which way to go next. I look for guidance but have not found where I should go and find it. Maybe this will finally be where I’ll find it. Thanks for letting me release that something in that’s been waiting to get out. I would love a reading to be able to find my whole self.


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