“Renee’s coaching over the last months has provided me with unconditional encouragement and support; she has helped me to feel as though I have a powerful ally who understands me at a very profound level. Her powerful intuition has helped me to uncover ways to move through challenges, and helped me to identify tools and techniques that I use daily. Her coaching has supported me to support myself, to find my own strength, to develop self-compassion, and to be in tune with my self. I love our sessions and leave them with clarity and energy! Even after our session ends, I know she is there standing behind me urging me forward with positive words and energy!”

Alexandra Hughs (Canadian/UK) 2011

Renee is one of the greatest treasures I have found along my journey.  Renee has the ability to not only hear what you are saying but also feel what you are saying and potentially where your thoughts and feelings come from.  If you are looking for someone to transform your life and create a natural and enlightened path for yourself, then Renee is the coach for you.

I have been battling my connection to a greater power for a very long time now and Renee is the only person who has had the capability and power to help me find my way and truly understand what the connection is all about and what it is for.  Whenever, I interact with Renee, there is an immediate comfort and ease and you feel totally free to express what you need help with.  The work is hard but totally driven by you, which makes the experience even more powerful.  You learn things about yourself that you never realized were concerns or stumbling blocks but Renee’s true gift is her insight into helping you completely remove and remodel the road you want to be on.  There are fantastic questions that allow you to work through what you need to focus on and they take you to a place that you didn’t realize existed.  Then there is her easy access whenever you need her and finally her great compassion and kindness, which creates an environment of trust.

Your life will be altered by a coaching experience with Renee.  I have had a number of coaching experiences at this point in time and Renee’s style and approach are incomparable.  She is truly a gifted intuitive coach with much to offer anyone who is willing to have their lives changed.


Clelia Saraceni Corporate Consultant, Trainer, Clinical Research Manager, Student Life Coach (Canada) 2011

Renee Vos de Wael has been my life course coach now for 2 courses. Our group enjoyed Renee’s teaching with the 1st course that we asked to continue.

Hence we have just finished out 2nd course with her as the same group.

I know as an individual that I have learnt so much about myself, the group and my teacher. In this I have grown so much and able to make better judgements and life decisions. Through this experience I feel as a person I am at stage that I feel better about myself, life and situations.

I think this a great reflection of the teaching and guidance that Renee as a teacher has given me or rather us as a group. She has been very open with herself and great at examples at how her teachings have changed her life. In turn it has been a great learning tool.

I have enjoyed Renee’s teaching so much that I have signed up for another course.

Tirscha McPherson, (australian) 2011

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