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The burning question…….

“People love others not for who they are but for how they make them feel”. ~ Irwin Federman

How do you like to feel? You are sitting in front of my blog and it is your choice for today. How do you like to feel right now at this moment?  Do like to feel like you are on top of the world or is the choice to just go back to bed and try again tomorrow.  It is our choice how to feel.  Today is going to be the best Monday’s every. I have gotten to my yoga class, gave myself and my body a good start for the day.  The other thing that happen is that a dear friend send me a real nice email to tell me how much she liked my blog. So today I my choice is fun, laughter and staying close to me.  No matter what is going to happen today, there is this choice.  If necessary I’ll to take myself back to this moment and how this feels at this moment.

What is your choice going to be? Are you thinking about the fun you had with loved ones or that one nasty remark.  Be honest is the person that made the remark important in you life?  Was the remark more meant for themselves, but you were a good target to give it too?

Tell me about your day and the choice you made!

Namaste Renée
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  • marijn

    Lieve Renee!!! I don’t always read your blogs, but today choose to do so! Perfect way to start my day! Keep up the good work and big hug from Marijn

  • Charlene Preszler Bartolo

    Good Morning, Renee, The quote that you posted from Irwin Federman is interesting! Unfortunately I did not get to Kasia’s Yoga this morning because my driver was not available–he has to go to a weekly ExxonMobil driver’s meeting on Monday mornings. I miss not being able to drive myself to wherever I need to go like I did in the USA! I hope to get to her Yoga class this Friday as this Wednesday I hope to go to the book club meeting at Chevron. I did get down to our exercise gym here at our compound and feel better after doing about 45 minutes of treadmill and exercise bike!

    I am trying to have a positive Monday, May 7–have some errands to do later this morning!

    Have a great day!
    Charlene Bartolo

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