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When we’re looking at the way we act during, or even after, a conversation with people around us, it is interesting to see if we are fully committed to what we are saying or doing. Are we going to react or respond? It is not always easy to make the decision to feel and not to react. To think about the response of what is happening around yourself and with the people in the situation. Giving time and thought to the next step you’re going to take in this interaction.

If I may, I would like to share some of my own experiences. Because it is, of course, easy to read about this subject in books/articles and then write from a distance. It will change when you start to implement the different approaches yourself and try to walk the talk during the day. So at the moment I’m truly working with what I see and experience. To notice the energy around people, the feeling I get back from them, or the situation we’re in at that moment. It needed time to sink in, and it took time to feel. Then I notice that by just watching this, my day-to-day life started to change. People would retreat from me or the opposite would happen and some would approach me more. I got invited to new events or problems were dumped on me. A true movement around me, and in a way I didn’t do anything different, but life-coaching-300x336I observed what was going on. People who used to be in my life started to pull back, even to a point that I became the black sheep in certain situations. Also it happened the other way around, which I got invited to new activities where I felt at home straight away. I’m not sure why this was so, but if I look at it and just feel the energy, it does make complete sense. Making a decision to manifest change in our lives, is one thing of course, but it is not always clear how this change will come into our lives. I still consider people dear friends even if right now we need to work out a different way of interacting. They were there for me and that will always be important to me. I guess this is the part where life is moving constantly and we are either going with the flow or against it, but the movement is always there.

We dream about change in our lives and have our own interpretations of what this should look like. Maybe there is an even better situation for us that we, ourselves haven’t seen yet. I’m happy to go with that, but the thing I do struggle with is the way it makes me feel. Because I miss the friendships and the activities we used to do together. I had fun most of the time, but at least I knew what would happen. What the dynamics were going to be. What was expected from me, and, in a way, that made me feel safe. This doesn’t mean that I still would like the change in my life, but I do need to give my whole being time to heal and find a balance again.

This change is felt strongest right in our tummy, in our 2nd chakra. This is where we need to transmute and transform the energy that carries our negative thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs about ourselves, friends and the circumstance we live in. This is also the place where we feel the different energy that is happening within our relationships with our friends and in situations that were first so familiar to us. With these changes, our own reactions will create a chain reaction for ourselves and for the others around us. Because all of this comes from our own habits, beliefs and views. Just remember what your true desire is, for that will lead you to unlimited possibilities.

When we’re working on these changes, it is good to remember why we do this and to make sure that we don’t stop because we feel guilty or scared of the unknown. Somehow we have seen and experienced that the use of guilt or fear is okay. If you get lost in this energy, you end up hurting yourself. When you’re working on bringing changes into your life, just know that you have all the support with you all the time. If you encounter a difficult moment, you should make sure you stay connected with your own heart. Take a time-out. Look for a place that is peaceful and safe. Place your hands on your abdomen and breathe deeply. After a few breaths you will already feel that you have become calm. Just take some time to daydream. Take a little trip down memory-lane, to a place of which you have great memories. Recharge yourself with all this positive energy and know that this unlimited source is always there for you to go back to. This is your own supply store of happiness, peace and power to get through anything.

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