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Do you think this bucket is big enough?


We just moved into a new home. First family to live in this house. Of course this is an amazing feeling. No old energy and every this is clean. But as to be expected there are some hick ups as well. There are some taps leaking and I am sometimes not sure if the bucket is big enough. This is one of those beautiful, well designed taps and for some reason it is leaking. Let’s see what is going to be the best solution for this problem. Pretty sure it is not the bucket. 

We need to get the flow into this house and this will take a bit. There is not really a natural place to put things yet, so to speak. You know the feeling that everything flows what you do in the house. When your cooking and you have that feeling you are in the right rhythm in your kitchen with your pots and pans. So that dinner is cooked in almost one motion. Just because everything you need to prepare dinner is in the right place. No searching necessary. The same thing with hanging your jackets, when you are looking for one it is just there. As you know this is important for the whole house, this is what makes our house a home. This feeling when you walk thru the door after a long day and you know that it is alright. You are home now.


Everything in a flowing house is similar as in life, the flow tells a story. This is at the moment our new story to be told our house. How we are feeling when thinking of the house or while saying good night to our kids in their new rooms.  What is the story you are telling at this moment. Where is your story taking place? Who is in charge of this story, because this story has a beginning, middle and an end as well. It is important you know who is telling it. To start a story takes courage sometimes and to keep the story entertaining you need a large dosis of imagination. So it is is important to take charge of it and to make sure that you are loving this story, your story,  enjoy every minute of it. Being to involved in what is going to happen next that you are quickly wanting to have a look at how this story is going to end or even wishing to be at the end of it.  it is import an to hold yourself back and stay with it. Finding the flow of very element that is coming out to play with you. With the knowledge that if there is something that your don’t like, you are in charge of it and your can change the direction at any moment.Sometimes we look at our story and we think that the chapters are separate from one another. You might even have the feeling you can skip some of the chapters and everything will still be fine. This is not advisable to do, because everything has a purpose it is all part of the continuity of the story that is being told. As having the courage of starting a new story, we also have the courage to stick with it and to finish with an amazing finally.  Because your story is not only important for you, but also for all the people you are touching with it at the same time.



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