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Intuition is a beautifully wrapped present, that we can learn to unwrap every day.

Intuition is the gift we all receive from the moment we are born. We all have the ability to understand things, without the need for reasoning. And that’s pretty darn amazing.

As soon as we start growing up though, we tend to forget and leave this amazing gift behind us.

We are taught that we have to understand everything that is happening around us. Everything has to come from somewhere and everything has to make sense. We are under constant pressure to at least prove that we are correct. Like this, we become convinced that it doesn’t make sense to leave a well-paid job over some kind of hunch you have. How can we not be happy with that amazing job, great marriage, live in that beautiful house, have a great group of friends, and a nice car?

Well sometimes, we just don’t. Not everything in life, makes sense. This is where the beauty of intuition comes in.

People-Woman-Self-Reflecting-and-Enjoying-the-Moment-MediumIntuition tells us. It points out the signs. It helps us experience certain feelings.

I am not saying intuition works in a yelling, very loud kind of way. Although one day I got stuck in a traffic jam in front of a billboard saying, “Yes, just jump in”. I was trying to decide whether I should start sharing my own gifts. I wasn’t sure about it. I had been hiding for so long that it felt scary to just go up to people and tell them about what I do or simply answer their questions with honesty. The billboard made me laugh and while I replied that I got the message, traffic started flowing.

My intuition helped guide me towards a great person with whom I started working on all my little quirks. From that moment I knew intuition is a gift. It’s a beautifully wrapped present that we can unwrap every day.

Intuition is totally there for us and is the best navigation system we will ever encounter



Trusting your intuition is something that you should start practicing in small steps. It is like riding a bicycle: the art of how to ride it will never leave you, but if you haven’t done it for a while, you need some practice rounds before riding a couple of kilometers.

The same counts for starting your navigation based on your intuition. Just take your time and ease back into it. Get that “muscle” trained again. You will be ever so grateful that you gained your trust back.


Start your day, easy and calm. I know, sometimes we have to start our days so early that every minute we can stay in our cozy beds a little longer, makes this hard. But try to get out of bed five minutes earlier. Before getting out of bed, just stretch yourself and take a couple of really deep breaths. Connect with your body and see if any particular thoughts comes to you.

Maybe you get a message about no more coffee in the evening or you might experience a sudden urge to go for a walk during lunch. Trust me, you will be surprised at the kind of thoughts (messages) that come up in the morning.

Start listening to these messages. They will help you get your body healthy and in shape, which is important for your intuition as it helps it to work accurately and to the point. All it takes are a few moments at the beginning of your day. After some time, this will be something you do naturally.


The next step is adding an intuition tool in the evening. Before you turn off the light and doze of to dreamland, take some time for yourself to think about all the things that were really good that day. How did it make you feel? Were you able to feel this somewhere in your body? You can write this down, but if you’re not a writer, just take a mental download. (You will notice if there is something you want to write down, but it is more important to not create any roadblocks.)

Before you know it, you’ll really start to make sense of where you are missing certain parts of your heart’s desire. What is it you’d like to add? Or equally important, what is it you’d like to let go of?


When your morning and evening intuition rituals have become strong and well-rounded, you can start adding more of these moments into your day. It is important to do this slowly to keep it naturally.

It requires complete honesty with yourself, to get to the point where you say, “It’s my way or the highway!”. Don’t make it a have-to-do thing – keep it a fun and relaxing activity. Keep it a moment of the day to look forward to and to embrace with love.


Intuition is my big passion; I love talking about it and love to teach others how to start trusting it again. It feels like returning a long-lost item to someone. This is an amazing feeling of joy and is energizing for everyone that takes part in rekindling their intuition.

Let me know how it feels to you. I bet you’ll have good stories tell about it.


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