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Walk the talk

“Realize that your health is your wealth.
Want it to grow? Make yourself a priority.
You’re worth it!”

~Vicki Hitzges

To be the best intuitive and coach I can be, it means that coaching has become a lifestyle to me. Just as Yoga for a lot of people is not only a sport, but also a lifestyle.  It brings walk the talk really close to home.  Learning together with my clients and grow into the best we can be.  It just doesn’t feel right that I’m helping other to heal their life, but don’t work on my own.  This is something that has found a place in my life very calmly and peacefully . I didn’t wake up one day and made a 180 degree change.  It all started when I studied for my massage degree, learning all about the body, food and of course the mind.  Here there was this little seed planted into my life.  At that point I was 30 kg overweight and had lots of physical problems.  Very interesting when you start to follow your intuition how life starts to direct you in different direction. Because to be totally honest, I have no clue how I ended up in that massage class.  Because not me nor my husband ever had a massage in our life!  I was feeling so badly about myself and my life that something needed to change.  So I went to evening school.

I started to make lifestyle changes, but also learned more about food.  What were we putting into our body every day?  My friends and I started going to cooking classes and learned to read labels.  I managed to loose my first 20kg, graduated from massage school and started working.  It was so wonderful and to be able to work with my clients and understand where they were coming from was so important both of us.  The learning kept going and my gifts to be able to help, heal started flowing into my life.  I met new people in my life, they had just a different energy.  This opened up a whole world for me.

Today I’m 7 years further down on my journey and I have lost another 12 kilo’s and my readings and coaching sessions are clearly and sharper than ever.  I truly feel like that girl that I was 20 years ago. To understand her better and trust her is an amazing feeling.   My journey is not to an end of course, but I love the landscape I’m in at the moment.  Feel very blessed that I meet these amazing people, new friends, new teachers and new lessons.  Events that seemed heartbreaking at the moments are actually the best lessons ever and they have opened doors for me that I never even thought of opening myself. They are just open now.

To make a change in your life is scary and there are so many reason to just stay in the patrons we know.  Just because we know what to expect and not to be disappointed feels safe.  This is of course a false feeling of security and it takes courage to break thru this.  The feeling of power when you do is an  amazing break thru your own pattern.  Of course there are always new lessons and challenges, but that is okay.  Every challenge is one and it will give us a choice to go for it now or next time.  To grow into the person your know you can be, to see your dream manifest into real events in your life is energizing.  Small steps, small changes all add up to one big change.

Are you ready to start living your own life, with your own choices?


Namaste Renée

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