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We shall allow our intuition to guide us by Ros Clarkson

As stated in the Oxford Dictionary:  Intuition is “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

We shall allow our intuition to guide us.

I ask you:  are you guided or do you make the decisions in your life?

Well, to me it is a little bit of both….  you do have “free will” to choose, but you are also given guidance from somewhere outside of your physical being.

In recent years, I have learnt to listen more, being more open to seeing, feeling, and hearing those messages that are with and around me in my physical world. I believe now that we are born with the intuitive ability, but as a society we often ignore, or push it aside, or even question that ‘Inner knowledge’.  As adults, we don’t trust that feeling that comes from somewhere deep inside us, because our rational ‘thinking’ mind likes to be in control.

My name is Ros Clarkson ~ I have many labels; Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Healer, Empathetic Intuitive and ‘Thrivivor’ of breast cancer.  Since 2006, I have been through a healing transformation of my life as Ros Clarkson. I attended a workshop on Emotional Intelligence, which used muscle testing to connect with emotions that had stored in my body through various life experiences and also belief system we’ve created in our mind.  Using awareness and tools I worked to release those negative experiences and beliefs of my past and instead replaced them with positive thoughts and changed the way I thought.  I believe we have the power to shape and steer our destiny ourselves.

Whilst watching the movie “The Secret”, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction.  This was an amazing concept to me.  That we can be whoever we choose to be, and have the ability to create the life we dream of.  I then continued to attract more tools, people, places and experiences to grow to also help others find inner peace and calmness in their lives.

In May 2010 I experienced a sharp pain in my left breast and wasn’t sure what it was and had no real concerns.  As it turned out my body was sending me a message: my intuition. So with that information I could have ignored it and not gone to see my doctor, in which case I may not have been as lucky as I was.  I was advised that it may have only taken the last 6 – 9 months growth to go to a stage 3 Cancer.  I felt well.  Fortunately, I had been given a reading by a friend only 3 months earlier and she said “watch your health” as it was showing up in the tarot cards.  So when I got the sharp pain in my left breast (I didn’t feel a lump as it was under the nipple), when I had it checked, it turned out it was positive.  So, it is important to listen to your internal radar. So often people ignore their gut instinct or intuition – thinking “NO” and listen to the rational mind instead.  I would ask you to think of those times when you got a feeling, a push or message from your heart and listened to it and act.

We are born with is wonderful ability to have help from someone beyond our understanding and reasoning, but yet we so often ignore it.  Just as you have a GPS in your car to get you to where you need too.  You were born with your own GPS, sometime I know these GPS also don’t take you on the most direct routes we do have to learn to negotiate new directions and place.  I would ask you to take time and sit quietly and BREATHE.  Allow yourself to fine-tune your navigational system, ask questions and allow the information to come through to you.  Keep asking the questions and take the time to reconnect to your guidance.  Then you can make better and more informed decisions in your life with more ease and flow.

Intuition is there for us all we just have to be willing to hear the message and act.

“Expect help.  A Divine power more magnificent than anything else that exists on the planet is ready to support our every move.” ~ Cheryl Richardson.


“Cancer is a word, don’t make it a sentence.” ~Ros Clarkson

Bio Ros Clarkson:

“My desire is to inspire and assist others to enjoy a wonderful life ~ even through perceived challenges in life. As someone who had been through a Cancer journey and Thrivived (thrived survivor) I share my journey and embrace living everyday”.

In May of 2010, just nine days before husband and I travelled to Europe on a month’s holiday, I was diagnosed with an 8.5 cm long tumor under her left nipple. After sitting with this news, I heard a voice from within say, “It’s going to be okay.” I was determined to have an amazing trip and went forward with the intention of living every day as a gift. After returning, underwent a mastectomy of my left breast and 17 lymph nodes; a course of six chemotherapy treatments; 25 radiation sessions; and continues a 12 month treatment of Herceptin as HER2 positive.

In January of 2012, underwent an 8 hour surgery reconstructing her left breast from abdominal fat. This major procedure takes many months of healing, which includes care and kindness to the body. There are a couple more surgeries to come to bring my physically body completely.

Despite the challenges, I know that life can be amazing – by simply believing, trusting and  through grace. Believing in myself and “Anything is Possible”. Being well and enjoys every moment as the gift it is. I have come to understand a lot about myself, in the forms of strength, love, and spiritual practice. Through my journey, I have connected with many people and has given healing advice, treatment, and love every step of the way. The challenges that I have faced have led me to become an Empathetic Intuitive Healer and Better Living Coach.

Facebook page  findingurwings  & Website  www.findingurwings.yolasite.com

All original material posted is (c) 2012, Ros Clarkson

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