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What do you bring to the table?

We are adding something special to the day.  This can be in your own family, at your job, during your sport moment, but we all have that special gift that other truly appreciate in you.  Do you realize what that is?  It is important it is that you know what it is that you bring to the table; this is where to start and know how to value yourself. This week’s message is asking you just that. To check in with yourself and find that special value you that is that you bring to your circles on a daily basis.

Lots of Love,



  • Poppy

    …Once again this reading falls in line with what is going on around me at present – – I’ve been compelled to go out, “show up” and get a perspective on each encounter I experience, based on what brings me joy.

    It has helped alot particularly at work where I have been having some minor issues with team members – I am focusing on approaching it from a more grounded and confident place and feel much calmer and productive in the moment! I’ve been acknowledging what I bring in terms of the standard of work and support I provide our residents and team members, rather than worrying about the reaction or behaviour of whoever!

    So Thankyou Renee!

    Light and Blessings!


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