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What is that all about?

We don’t know where our first impressions come from or precisely what they mean, so we don’t always appreciate their fragility.

~ Malcolm Gladwell

The first impression you make when you meet some one new.  Is that the most important one?  I’m not sure about it.  Yes, there are people in our life and we know exactly where we were and what we were doing when the 2 of us met.  Other people have arrived in our life without even noticing where or when.  They are in our life and it feels like they have always been in our life.  They have a strong position in our life and we just can’t image our life without this person.  Still we have no idea how we have met or when for that matter.  Isn’t interesting that there are some many discussion, and even books written about this subject and that some people even take courses to learn about what is the best way to introduce themselves to others.  These people are in our life for a reason.  This can be because you need to have some fun or need help in a part of your life. Another reason can be we just to let go of certain believes.  I do believe dat we can learn from ever single person that enters into our life. These things we learn are positive one, but also negative ones. Some we seems to forget about very quickly and other we carry around for a life time and beyond.  To be honest I’m not sure which ones are the most important ones for us.  They are both important for the process to be and become the best person we already are.

Sometime we meet people and we know straight away to stay away from them, but if we are lucky these people are our boss or the partner of our best friend. A real challenge to stay away from them. Of course it depends on how well this other person know to push your bottuns. Of course most of the time the reason why these people know exactly how to push us around is because it is like looking in a mirror for them.  When you look at it in this way you can treat the relationship in the same way. This is when the learning starts for yourself. What is it that this person triggers within? Why do you get so up set?  This is where the learning start. It is all about you. The investment is in yourself, not the person that is irritating you. Don’t get fould in thinking that you are giving energy away.  This will help you to introduce yourself in a way that you can stay true to yourself, but also grow into the best person you can be.

With other people it feels like coming home and we know that we can spend time with them to recharge and to be safe. Spending time with these friends there is no need to make an impression on any one. We feel comfortable to be just who we are. With them we can learn all about what it is we like so much about ourselves. We can figure out what we bring to a relationship. This is as important to learn about what we see in these people. This is a positive mirrow. This is the place where we can start to accept the good within ourself as well.

So this brings me back to the way we meet new people in our lives. It is this important how we introduce ourselves to them, because in this way we can understand what kind of person we truly are. To be the person you are is alway good enough. This is who we are and with these personality’s we bring color to all our relationships. To get to know yourself is probably the best investment you can put energy to. Trust that what your all the people in our lives reflext to us is true.  This mirror show us who we are at this moment, so do you like what you see or is it time for a change?



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  • jolande de grijs

    Mirror , mirror on the wall, I can be guilty of it all. Recognize and admit that I encounter all different aspects/possibilities of first and lasting impressions.

    Love Jolande

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