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What Strengthens Your Intuition? By Nora Whalen

Intuition is a skill that every single person possesses, but not all are in tune with. I abused my gift of intuition for an extended period of time. Doing so made me miss out on incredible experiences, cost me time, money, and joy, and caused me great pain. I was sent messages, had feelings, but choose to put other people’s feelings, their ideas, and their judgment ahead of what I knew was true for me. I am sure you can come up with a time in your life when you felt inspired to do something, but fear held you back and you didn’t say yes to that great opportunity. I know you have had an experience that you can look back on and say I knew before I made that choice that it was the wrong one. That’s just part of the human process.

Downtown Charleston

What do you do when you realize that you have not honored your intuition? For me, the answer was coaching. I got coaching on ways to strengthen my intuition, so that I could make better choices in my life. I wanted to know that when I made a choice I was making it for the right reasons. Through coaching, I learned that the easiest method to strength your intuition is through attention.
What do you need to do to strength your intuition when you understand the incredible value that comes from trusting it? Your intuition is a valuable guide as you take steps to create your dreams. I learned to listen. Everyone has their own method of tapping in with their intuition. For me, the easiest way to do so is to take photos.

When I am out wandering through new areas or even exploring the same one I have previous been to, I use my intuition. This photo is from downtown Charleston, SC, one of my adventures. I felt called to climb up fence, to find this beautiful alley. I am not typically the time of person to invade someone else’s space in such a manner, but it was so worth it. Without me listening to my intuition, I would have missed out on such a beautiful view.
I encourage you to find the method that works best for you. Discover the best way to connect yourself with your intuition. Work on strengthening that muscle. If you already know your best way to connect, leave it in the comments check below. I love learning from others and I am sure many in this community would appreciate you sharing your wisdom.


More about Nora:

Nora Whalen is co-founder and vice president of Women For Change Coaching Community, who mission is bring together a community of support to make coaching accessible for all women who are seeking positive change in their lives.

Privately Nora coaches creative and ambitious female business owners worldwide to create and grow beautiful, profitable, and sustainable businesses, while enthusiastically enjoying life. Nora is driven by a passion and desire to help women discover their true mission, passion, and the key to success – being authentic. Nora’s compassionate, energetic, and practical nature assists her clients to stay focused on their vision while having a supportive, yet challenging cheerleader.

Nora is also a published author with articles, such as “1 Easy Tip to Remove the Fear of Walking into a Room of Strangers” and “Solo-Professionals – Is Your Company the Best Or Worst Place to Work?” Nora is co-author of the book: How to Break the Glass Ceiling Without a Hammer: Career Strategies for Women.

Nora Whalen
Vice President


  • Mary-Anne Parker

    Dear Nora, I also think intuition is one of the best gifts ever given to us as humans.I personally have learn to listen to my intuition and do strengthen it through prayer. If I have a peace in my soul about a certain situation, I feel that I have The Green light to do it, if I don’t and I still want to do it , I just calculate the risk, if I can handle it…Great article! Thank you!

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