Why changing your mind is so worthwhile.

Why changing your mind is so worthwhile.




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If you honestly believe that YOU create your reality with every thought, feeling and belief, THEN you can start UNCREATING the beliefs that keep you Stuck, Small, & Sad.

You see your Ego creates THOUGHTS, which according to it, are designed to keep you safe and protected.

The Ego feels that SMALL = SAFE. 

The truth, however, is that they are FEAR BASED cautions, warning you against repeating familiar patterns that didn’t work out for you before.

Those sound like this:

  • *Why bother? You know how it’s going to work out.
  • *Don’t even try – that’s not for you.
  • *Oh no, we’re not safe enough to venture in that direction.
  • *This is our lot in life – you can’t change it.
  • *Just learn to live with what you have – don’t ask for more.
  • *You’re not worth what you charge.
  • *No one will ever buy products from you.

2-1-1These THOUGHTS are mostly Negative and self-deprecating and can effect Your Mind, Body, and Soul. With enough repetition, they can affect your body and make you physically ill.

This is what we call a ‘Programmed Pattern.’ 

It’s a cycle of THOUGHT that leads to TRIGGERS that result in NEGATIVE FEELINGS that lead to MORE TRIGGERS that start the cycle all over again with even more THOUGHTS.

This dysfunctional cycle will continue in a loop until that thought pattern is interrupted. You have been running this type of, Unconscious Programming for most of your life, without even realizing it.

…But Now You Can STOP The Program!

When you can identify the pattern and have some insight as to how this cycle works then you can begin to:

  • Neutralize the Triggers.
  • Delete the Thought & Triggers from your Energy.
  • Create Greater Awareness of WHY and WHERE your Mind-Shift is.
  • Gain Greater Insight As To WHY your Mind-Shift is The Way It Is.
  • Increase Your Level of Courage To Confront Your Mind-Shift.
  • Clear Your Negative Self-Talking Ego Monster & Replaces it With New Energy That Supports You.
  • Heal Any Patterns, Behavior & Energy That Might Have Led To Creation Of Your Current Mind-Shift.
  • Teach You How To Change Your Mind-Shift even AFTER the course is over!
  • Receive Energetic Interventions to Help Create Change.
  • Increase Your Levels Of Self-Empowerment.
  • Increase Your Levels of Courage.
  • Move Out Of States Of Fear.
  • Start Taking Control Of Your Mind-Shift – Instead Of Allowing It To Take Control Of You!

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