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This week has been past by before I realized that it was Sunday again. All this is leading up to finishing the last few weeks of 2012. It is that time of the year we all wonder how we got here. All those goals, idea’s on our to do list. Not all of them are done yet, so should we try to push thru and get it done quickly or maybe move it all to the to do list of 2013.

How did we create our to list? Are they all coming from our own heart or did we maybe put some items on that list to please others.  There is a reason why these are not done yet. To understand why you have not ticked these goals or action of the list, we need to have a look at all the things we did do. Because there is a lot of stuff we have taken action on this year. The things we always wanted to do. If I look at my own list, I always wanted to join a professional group of coaches, to be able to offer spiritual coaching to a wider group of people in a very easy accessible and very grounded way. This of cause has brought things on my to do list that weren’t there in the beginning of the year. I have really enjoyed this, but me learning a foreign langue is still on the list. Well, that is still a wish, but not happening any more in 2012. Sometime we write down activities we really would like to, but they don’t really are our heart desire. It is more of a nice to have. So there is nothing wrong with these goals, but if this is not going to happen that is still okay. There is no need to get upset about. Maybe it is even better to just take these one of the list completely, this way we don’t need to thing about it and when it happens it happens. Extra bonus.

Take some time this week to go figure out what is still valid for you on your goal/ to do list and what has passed its experience date. Some times we out grow certain passions or we have already moved on to the next level without noticing. We have already done them without the feeling of learning or reaching a goal. How cool is that! The time we were thinking about the subject the expectation was that is was going to be really hard work to commit to a sport class. But the fact is that you have joined these amazing friends that go every week to yoga and that is just filled in that part of your to do list. The feeling of hard work didn’t show up, but the all the plusses of joining a sport class can be ticked of. It came in a different form.

Clearing and cleaning gives us a change to start new goals and projects. It opens possibility’s we may not anticipate. This has brought other things to do, but also a good reason to let go and leave being other things on the list. What even form of shape all is well? Enjoy them.


Namasté Renée

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