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Your own acknowledgement

Insanity; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein.

Thank you oneness4all for your photo
Thank you oneness4all for your photo


Sometimes I sit here and wonder what can I write and share in the stories of learning to know ourselves.  It is nice to be able to share and talk about what is in my mind. To hear back from you and to make sure that everything I write is understood in the proper way. Some of you know me personally and some of you don’t, it is always a pleasure to receive your emails and messages. It is of course really nice to know that my words do not represent my own thoughts. To share our thoughts and to recognize each other is also very comforting and I’m glad if the same is true for you, too. This is very important, because it is me who invites you.

The acknowledgement of ourselves in our day to day life gives us an opportunity to be able to make a new start, every moment of the day. For me it is very important to make sure that in everything I do, nobody will ever be harmed. Of course none of use have any say in how the other will receive your actions and words, but with the right intention this will be achieved. To be open and ready to talk with anyone that may have questions or is willing to offer help in any way that the situation needs. To be ready and open there are strange answers to our questions or solutions we’re looking for.  The beauty of people in our lives is that what every time we are willing to see with a different view something better is growing in our garden of manifestation.  Of course we don’t know yet what it will look like, but it is there just for us to be picked up. By changing our thoughts, the way we approach situations or loved ones around us will change too. The intention to not harm anyone or anything in any of our interactions is one step. This will of course start with ourselves. To have healthy boundaries and share them, accept the boundaries of others. To listen and feel what is happening around us. This way we can make sure that our responses will be in harmony with what is happening right at that moment. The respect and gratitude for everybody growing and developing, will bring peace and calmness to our day.

Sounds very simple, I know, and it isn’t. There will always be days that will take us for a ride, when we get angry or afraid. We kind of do and say things that are contrary to what we really want to say or do. That is okay, just take small steps and be patient with yourself. Trust that it is okay to make mistakes and that this is the way we learn from ourselves and from others. Keep yourselves back on the saddle so to speak and try again. If we have the intention of doing better than before, it will work out, because we do know what we don’t like to experience again. So we’ll aim for a different result the next time. Just try better than before and this will lift you up, even if you don’t feel it now, it is happening already.

Namaste Renee


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