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Your way or their way…………….

“It is the big choices we make that set our direction. It is the smallest choices we make that get us to the destination.”

~ Dr. Shad Helmstetter

Jump in & Go for it.

This week the school is back in action again. It is always interesting to see how every one is trying to find their own balance again. Of course the kids have to find out in which class they are and if friends are in their class.  What does the school schedule look like, sport clubs and so on.  But also for the parents it is a moment to reflect and see what it is they like to be doing differently this school year. Standing at the school ground it made me think . We move around a lot ( as you know)  and of course every time we go and settle into a new place it is time to set up our space again.  This summer it feels somehow differently. I’m not sure what it is, us starting our 4th year in this place or the people we have been sharing this posting with.  This school year it feels like starting a new chapter.

We have been talking a lot what about what it is we like to add to our lives. Working on our health a lot, feeling more energized. Talking and working on making a chance have brought us change over the summer. The funny thing is, being back home it feel strange to hold on to those changes.  It this the feeling that it is great to think about changes, but the doing bit never happens?  Is it so much easier to stay the person people around you expect you to be?  It feels uneasy, restless. The feeling that we’re waiting to jump in and do it. Is the right moment not there yet or is a typical feeling of procrastination? There is nothing going to happening that we don’t want to. It is just going to be our own way.  Doing the job we like, spending time with the kids and our dear friends.  So why feel the pressure of the expectation of the community?  It is interesting how this goes and how you can be you own worse enemy.

So while writing this blog, this normally takes me a few day’s to get the words on this screen. I just started with all the things that got a position on my list. My way, it feels great. Of course still small steps, but somehow I got out of  this vacuum. Stopped looking for excuses and it feels great.

What is holding you back to go and do it your way?

Namaste Renée
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